1st Annual Black History Month

Tribute to Masters of the Martial Arts


Written by William Rivera

Online Magazine


I attended a demonstration event held by the Harlem Karate Institute, the 1st Annual Black History Month Tribute to Masters of the Martial Arts on Sunday February 5, 2012.


From a talent perspective, it was indeed great. It provided an opportunity, a platform to see very talented, young martial artists demonstrating the essence of what many instructors work diligently to instill in their students: spirit and heart of the martial arts, It was there.





The performances were incredible. Master Derrick Williams inspired the audience with his words and later performed kata Unsu, Wow!!! Master Derrick Williams made the kata come alive.


NYC Shaolin from Brooklyn N.Y. impressed the audience with their demonstration of empty hand forms, weapons forms, breaking and sparring. Sifu Christopher Lee is an exceptional instructor as evident in the performance of his students.





America’s Finest Karate & Kickboxing Academy from the Bronx, demonstrated why they are in demand and actively sought for to participate in such events: intensity, precision and spirit. Unquestionably, Eddie Perez Sensei and his students can deliver.


The Harlem Karate Institute performed as did Grandmaster Ernest Hyman, amazing everyone with his speed breaks and a rarely seen “Chin Break” on multiple boards (ouch!!). Master Ernest Hyman III’s demonstration of weapons and empty hand forms showed everyone why he is a champion.





With greater participation of artists and schools broadening the scope of future events Harlem Karate Institute will continue to be an integral promoter for the urban martial arts. Grand Master Ernest Hyman apologized for the scheduling (The Super Bowl on the same day).





All said and done the participants and audience scored a touchdown. Thank-You.