2013 New York City Annual

 Kumite Classic


Written By William Rivera Kyoshi

Edited By Lydia Alicea



The New York City Annual Kumite Classic Martial Arts Tournament was held on April 28, 2013 at I.S. 292 in Brooklyn, New York, hosted by Shihan Jackie Drayton.


Shihan Jackie Drayton, and her entire staff, organized and hosted yet another outstanding and successful event.


Known for its professionalism, and organization, the tournament fulfilled another important part: providing an enjoyable family event.


Referees and judges in attendance were the key to ensuring the event’s success. They brought their experience and knowledge making sure the rings ran smoothly, and fairness was the norm for the day.





Absent in this tournament was the usual exchange of war stories being told, or about “how things used to be.” Present was the honor shown to Shidoshi Roger Clark, the respect to Shihan Jackie Drayton in the collaborative support by the many Masters in attendance. Clean points, no late calls, control of the rings, with an adherence to respect to all participants.


Many have attended Master Rick Diaz coaching, and refereeing seminars and it is working. Any ring Master Luis Ferrer is in runs smoothly, Master Mike Conroy a virtuoso, and Master Eva Firefox Aguilera, and Master John Rullan run their rings like conductors in a symphony.


Let us name a few of the Masters in attendance: Luis Ferrer (and his men in black, awesome job), Rick Diaz, Steve Lennon, Farouk Gibbs, John Rullan, Eva Firefox Aguilera, Mike Conroy, Mark Gorman, Francisco Cabrera, Haisan Kaleak, Abdul Aziz, Lewis Sonny Williams, Louis Torres, Alan Goldberg, Walter Thomas, Nelson Torres, Luis Bebo Reyes, Fox Tail (Aly Franco), and others who spent hours helping the event run smoothly.






The wealth of competitors attending participated in both black belt, and under division. Master Louis Torres brought along his internationally renowned Team Torres, Grand Master Luis Ferrer Dojo of champions was there, Sifu Lee and NYC Shaolin (look at the picture and the trophies), Soke Haisan Kaleak and Kuroshi-Kai-Kan was present (One Code, One Family), the students of Shihan Jackie Drayton led by example, courtesy, respect and stupendous Karate.



The music provided by DJ Carine* was in tune with the event, not overpowering. Her ability to blend the music to the occasion was appreciated by all.


Seeing the light in the eyes of competitors such as Nicholas, Michael, Aiden, Samantha, Ryan, Jadayah, Jessica, Justin, Clerissa, and the many competitors at the end of the day, along with the many in attendance was the proof of a great event.


Shidoshi Roger Clark was honored through words of remembrance, his presence was shown in pictures, and his spirit was certainly present, and felt.

He is a legend whose actions and deeds will continue to affect and inspire.



Sifu Alan Goldberg presented Shihan Jackie Drayton with a trophy acknowledging her many contributions to the martial arts. At the end of the tournament Soke Haisan Kaleak, Master Lee Ireland, Master Lewis Sonny Williams, Seiko Hanshi Rick Diaz, and Shihan Jackie Drayton brought to mind the words I had heard them echo, as I took a picture, “A Unified Event.” That Equals Success





Many thanks to Jackie Drayton.