MAY 2015


Greetings and Salutations, Loyal followers of MARTIALFORCE.COM, The Best and Most Complete Online Martial Arts Magazine.

It is with great humbleness that I want to make you aware and informed you about My Personal Commitment to “KICKING CANCER- SUMMER AND SPRING 2015”

Many would ask if I am being afflicted by this ominous condition, or if anyone in my immediate family may be? Well, I will tell you that some in my family had been afflicted and have Lost the Fight, and that presently a young member of the family, Emily Scaury-Vasquez, who is married to My wife’s Nephew Anthony Vasquez, parents to Two Beautiful children, was recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer and has been undergoing all appropriate Chemotherapy procedures, including the removal of Both Breasts, and scheduling other lifesaving procedures.

As we all know, in recent past and due to losing the fight against CANCER, I have had the Great loss of My Friend, Mentor and Gojukai Teacher the Great Grand Master Fred Miller, followed by the sad loss of a Legitimate Old Timer, Role Model and Teacher Reno Morales, followed shortly thereafter by a Great Friend and Leader Soul~Ki Peter Flores Sr., hence I have made a Commitment to dedicate All My Spring and Summer Run and Martial Arts Training (and all other) as a Memorial to all Who have Loss the Fight Against CANCER, and specially as encouragement for THE FIGHTER: EMILY VASQUEZ.

I did not start this for myself or to attract any attention or gain any accolades, the repeated strikes to people very close to me, made me reflect and realized how desensitized we have become to the suffering of people in a Fight for Their lives, even when close to us. This may be blamed to a coping mechanism or reality, but never-the-less we do not take great ownership to things that we can do for those in the fight, and how we can contribute even if in minute ways to the Personal, and General Fight Against CANCER. Making a small contribution to a Legitimate Cancer Research Institution; Of Primary importance and Note: The Awareness that It takes very little to make one comfortable physically and even emotionally when we take time and effort to reach out and touch physically and emotionally, by communicating and connecting, with The Fighters, and how important it is for The Family, who is also in The Fight, to see and hear from the many of us around known to them, distant acquaintances, and even as strangers who care. By Making a physical, or emotional Contribution to the Fighter’s Struggle and or to the Families in The Fight with them, will be a remarkable and uplifting experience that may even prolong Life; in addition, to letting the Fighters know that They are Cared for, that They are Loved, that They are Part of us and Will Always Be, that They have made a Mark on Our Lives making it count and that They will Never Be Forgotten.

Hence, This 2015 Spring and Summer I have Dedicated all the Run Miles and Minutes/ Hours Training I spend in Memory of my Great Friends and Teachers mentioned, and presently for The Fighter: Emily Vasquez. I have Started Logging Runs on: MAPMYRUN, where the Mileage and Split times can be seen for Each Run logged; I have in addition, logged many minutes Training on YOUTUBE (FRANKLIN3321 KICKING CANCER) striking the Makiwara, the BOB and will log time on The Bag; logged any time spent training Kata.

I dare ask you, and even challenge you to join in and Log time and distances posting to my page or to Youtube, sharing it with us and the Facebook World. I Double Dare you to Out-do-me on any facet of my dedicated training to this Commitment: KICKING CANCER- SPRING AND SUMMER 20015.