Written by Franklin Puello

Omline Magazine


On September 24, 2011 the First Fred Miller Foundation “Pathways to Excellence” Martial Arts and Self Defense Awareness Seminar was conducted, at the Universal Baptist Church, 253 East 153rd Street, Bronx, NY.

This event was coordinated by the Board of Directors & Members: Chester Miller, Franklin Puello, Malcolm Livingston, Kato Wilson, Wes Geter, Mark Willis, Gina Miller, Luz Puello, Margarita Fox and Volunteers: Mrs. Geter, Mrs. Livingston, Mrs. Wilson and Ms. Summerville, in great orchestration of time and effort, in addition to supplies for the great success of the Event.

The Event featured a key note Presentation “Awareness and Crime Prevention- How Not To Become a Victim” by Luz Puello, whose background is in Forensic Psychology and Social Deviance and Control; Victim Psychology; Victimology; Crisis Intervention and Victim Counseling; and with a Specialty in Profiling of Attackers, in addition to holding Rank in Jiu Jutsu and Goju Ryu Karate. Luz’s presentation, “The Five T’s”, addressed the community’s need for awareness of surrounding providing safety and security. In addition provided practical and logical information regarding The Profile of an Attack, to identify and interpret signs, verbal/ non verbal messages to take preventive actions that provide avoidance of becoming a Victim, or keep one safe from an attack.

During the presentation, the audience learned the Basic profile of an Attack and the Elements involved in an Attack; that not all attacks are as random and unplanned as some may appear. The audience was treated to the identification of the steps taken by any attacker from conceiving the idea to the execution of the attack, and the actions before and after leaving the scene, all important in preventing becoming a Victim, and in coping with the actions to survive the attack, and dealing with Law Enforcement involvement thereafter.

Following the Key Note Presentation, the Event scheduled for a vast assortment of free refreshments to be served and enjoyed by all present. Following the intermission, a Martial Arts Kata Presentation was made by Chester Miller, Wes Geter, Kato Wilson, Sammy Tossas and I, Franklin Puello. The variety and expertly performed Kata were most certainly well received and appreciated by the Audience, composed mostly by seasoned members of Yudansha.

During the Presentation/ Teaching and Workshop section of the “Pathways to Excellence” Seminar, the audience was treated to Expert Demonstrations, Precise Teaching/ Coaching, followed by Participation. The Elements of the Seminar and the Expert Teachers included: Philosophy of Kata, Kata Applications, and Training Kata for Excellence: Franklin Puello & Wes Geter; The Seminar highlighted by a Kyusho- Pressure Points Applications: Luis Morales; Self Defense against Weapons: Mark Willis; Power Punching Science: Ernest Hyman; Elements of Self Defense and Kali Sticks: Malcolm Livingston; Championship Fighting training: Kato Wilson; Ending with a Remarkable Weapon- BO demonstration and Bunkai explanation: Haisan Kaleak. This was The First “PATHWAYS TO EXCELLENCE” MARTIAL ARTS AND SELF DEFENSE SEMINAR in a series of many to come. Thanks to the Expert Teachers: Chester Miller, Kyoshi & Exec. Pres.; Wes Geter, Shihan; Malcolm Livingston, Kyoshi; Mark Willis, Shihan; Kato Wilson, Sammy Tossas, Kyoshi; Shihan; Luis Morales, Kyoshi; Ernest Hyman, GM; Haisan Kaleak, Soke.

Special Thanks to the Audience, in attendance for support and participation in this Instructional Seminar, “Pathways to Excellence”:

Felix Vasquez,

Alfred Hinds
Travon Livingston
Abdul Aziz
Radiant Aziz

John Conti

Douglas Tiburcio

Eddie Guzman

Joshua Bell

Haisan Kaleak

Abdur Rahiem

Edgar Stephens

Asna Makalani

Scott Geter

Murdock Omar

Justin Cheverez

Joshua Wilson

Greg Geter

Lauren Bayne

Margarita Fox

Laura Geter