The Black Belt Championship 2012
Written By William Rivera Kyoshi
Edited By Lydia Alicea

Billed as “The Greatest Black Belt Event Ever,” it is hard to dispute.


On September 23, 2012, in Eatontown New Jersey at the Sheraton Hotel,

Grand Master GJ Torres produced an event that measured a success.


Although the venue was small, it was packed to capacity with attendants that included students, family and supporters from local schools, New York, and the tri-state area as well as overseas including Ecuador. It was well organized considering it had only one ring available, although judging from the attendance it will be expanded for future competitions.


What were prominent about this event naturally, were the black belts that participated. Spectators witnessed outstanding performances, Budo at its best.


Grand Master GJ Torres controlled the environment by adhering to the standards that the martial artists talk about, but find often missing at various venues: Rules, Respect, and Courtesy to ALL participants.


It was all about taking responsibility, and that is what GM GJ Torres did. From the planning, to the selection of judges, and referees, to how kata was scored, it was impressive to see him work his magic, and was a tournament enjoyed by all.


Suggestion is; clone Grand Master GJ Torres expand the tournament to include more rings, because next one is going to be awesome.


A Who’s Who, with great Martial Artists such as, and not limited to;

Gary Alexander, Ron Van Clief, Abdul Aziz, Jonas Nunez, Jim Smith, Billy Lowe, Johny G. and his son John “The Gentleman” Balazinsky, Derrick Williams, Darryl RocThomas, Maribel Ramos, Gregory Duncan, Luis Perez Loor, and of course The Twin Black Dragons GJ Jr. and Raymond.


Thank You Grand Master GJ Torres and The Twin Black Dragons, for making a beautiful day that much better with an excellent event.