By Haisan Kaleak



"I AM KUROSHI-DO" is the story of a modern day warrior, "Haisan Kaleak." This book takes you on a journey  through his childhood growing up in Bedford Styvesant Brooklyn New York. You will read about his time in Viet Nam and how his training in karate strengthened his will to survive. It covers the birth of "Kuroshi-Do", one of the most powerful martial arts systems developed by a few strong minded individuals.


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I am Kuroshi-Do, What a fitting title to this most insightful book on the life of one of the greatest Martial Artists and True proponents of the Code of Bushido that I have been blessed to know in my life. This book was a long time coming and it was worth the wait. Soke Kaleak opens his life's book for all the world to view. From his journey from a solitary young man seeking the "proper fit" to his prominence in the world of Martial Arts. The Reader will get a sense of what it was like growing up in the streets of Brooklyn and what it took to survive these streets. Soke Kaleak "pulls back the shades" on the beginnings of what would become Kuroshido. The struggles, the life consuming joy of doing something that few others in our times were even thinking about (especially our age group).


This dear reader, is the truth laid bare.


I recommend this book to all that have or have had questions about the true beginnings of the Kuroshido System of Martial Arts. Even I was amazed at what we (who started out as kids) have accomplished! We didn't "practice" Martial Arts, we lived it twenty four seven. And all that this way of life embodies can be seen in Soke Haisan Kaleak. Let the world know that Soke Haisan Kaleak is Kuroshido, in mind and in spirit. All that follow the path that has been set forth by Soke Lusaynne Alston , Soke Haisan Kaleak, Soke Simon "Papasan" Canty and Posthumously, Kenneth "The Boss" Cooper and myself Salim "The Ronin" al-Rashid are Kuroshido. Peace/Respect Always.


Salim "The Ronin" al-Rashid



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The second book written

By Haisan Kaleak