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SATURDAY 11/12/2011


Written by Franklin Puello

Online Magazine



While in attendance to the Haisan Kaleak, Soke, hosted Kuroshi Kai Kan Recognition Awards and Banquet Dinner, I your humble, Online Martial Arts Magazine writer was treated to the most amazingly rich in content, organized event.

This Grand Recognition Awards and Banquet Dinner included the early availability for participation in a Seminar. This Seminar was not only Hosted by the Master Haisan Kaleak, in which he was also a great contributor of Principles for learning and reminders, but was enriched by the presentations and active participations of Little” John Davis, Soke; Lou Ferrer, Professor; Shabazz, Professor; and many other Elite teachers.

This Seminar’s content was rich in principles and techniques of Self Defense, with a unique flow that mandated the reminder that the courtesy bow included permission and the request for close contact of the self defense technique. The presentations and introductions of techniques were Simple. One technique was presented, then practical applications arranged in group participation, followed by derivatives of the same technique. The pace was feverishly fast, but comprehension and application of the techniques was eased with the professional and masterful teaching imparted.

The Flow and enjoyment of this Seminar and its content was very obvious on every one of the participants’ faces and body language with the enthusiasm in participating as Uke ( training partner) during the direct teaching segments, and sharing with others in switching training partners, In the true spirit of Kaleak’s family mandate, “Each One, Teach One”.

One of the many great characteristics that made this Seminar a great success and an enjoyable learning experience was the fact that the professionally, and expertly presented segments contained much more than just the proverbial Kicking and Punching. The Teachers were meticulous in conveyance of the Principles behind the actions and inactions preceding the defense techniques, specifically the close contact and continuous contact with attacker once he initiated offensive move; each with emphasis in the thorough understanding of principle and technique alike for the utmost benefit of the participants.

 There was so much contact, twisting, untwisting, movement guiding, misdirection, returning, control, throws and disabling strikes that I am personally still feeling all the “touches” and “impact” with the ground, in addition to the soreness of joints.. “At my age, I am not as flexible and pliable as in earlier years”, but LOVE what we Do.

During the Evening segment, The Recognition Awards & Banquet Dinner, family and friends were treated to gracious opening remarks by Key Organizer Saundra “Yazz” Johnson, to the most delightful performances by vocalist Naomi Salomon, a stunning Dance presentation by Robin A. Livingston and a grand performance by famed Comedian Marc Theobald; followed by words from Grand Master and Soke Haisan Kaleak.


   A fabulous dinner followed and the presentation of Recognition awards to:


Ronald Duncan, Grand Master.

 John Davis, Soke.

Peter Flores, Soul-Ki.

 Ali Abdul Karim, Professor.

 Mychal Sledge “Lookup”.

Wilfredo Roldan, Grand Master

Franklin Puello, Online Magazine  writer and Perennial Student (Shuchou Gakkyuu- Chief Student

Mahaliel Bethea, Professor

Roger Clark, Grand Master

Walter Evans, Shihan

Ariza, Shihan

Lamarr Thorton, Kushinda

Linda Ramzy-Ranson, Grand Master

Remilio Oliviere, Shifu

Salim Al Rashid

Steve Alston, Soke.



ICHI-BAN Honors were presented by the Kuroshi Kai Kan Family and presented by their respective Sensei to those who best represent them and the system:


Alfred Hinds, Shihan By Archie Rullan, Grand Master
Aphique Woods, Sensei By Jackie Drayton, Shihan
Yahya Muhammad By Sayfullaah Al-Amriykiy, Senior  Professor

Rahim Muhammad, Sensei By Ernest Miles, Professor
Byron Hurlock, Professor By James McQueen, Soke
Allan Acosta, Sensei By John Libutti, Sensei,

Fred Sesler, Shihan By Lou Ferrer, Professor
Onorio Chaparro, Minister By Glen “True” Jones, Shodan Ho
Wesley Watson, Sensei By Adam Battle, Soke
Bobby Beltran, Sensei By Rick Diaz, Seiko Hanshi
Ahyesha Maria Daniels, By Doug Pierre, Guru

Saundra “Yazz” Johnson BY Haisan Kaleak, Soke


In short, the many New York and Metropolitan area Martial Artists who were not able to make any of the two segments of this Memorable, and Elite Event, to share time and amenable conversation with Martial Arts brothers and sisters in attendance, which were too many names to remember and mention but among the many in addition to the previously mentioned, were: Alan Goldberg, Grand Master; Sam Mcgee, Grand Master; Derrick Williams, Master; Luz Puello, Sensei; Grand Master Felix Vasquez, Dave Thomas, Jadi Tention, Cookie Melendez, Shihan; Jaqueline Drayton, Shihan; John Lubutti, Shihan; Robert Rullan, Sensei;  Malcolm Livingston, Master; Mark Willis, Shihan; Robert Rivers, Shihan;  were at a very big loss and  would be in remiss not to schedule their attendance and participation in response to the next invitation from the Ultimate Host Haisan Kaleak Soke.