AUG / 2010






By Eddie Morales

Online Magazine


This is a well written book on the intricacies of the Wing Chun system. Its author Petar Ivanov Petrov, demonstrates a clear understanding of the history, and biomechanical functions of the techniques with a simple delivery in teaching method. Every aspect of the system is explained with headings for quick reference and it is done so in the simplest terms. I found myself beginning to read it and went through its content in a timely manner. I am very content with what this author has provided in this book. It has given me a renewed interest in the system of Wing Chun and I highly recommend its purchase. If you are a martial artist that appreciates knowing the Who, What, Where, When Why and how then this is most definitely a book that should be in your possession and moreover your collection. I see many great things happening with the Author, as this is just the beginning.


Petar Iv. Petrov is a Wing Chun coach who has been training in the Chinese martial arts since 1995. He has devoted many years to research this unique system of in fighting and maintains a humble, non-political and open attitude towards the art. Mr. Petrov believes that all martial arts have common goals and are part of one big family.


1) Yip Man -> William Cheung -> Jore Kostovski -> Stanislav Bagalev -> Petar Petrov

2) Yip Man -> Leung Ting -> Keith Kernspecht -> Stanislav Bagalev -> Petar Petrov

3) Yip Man -> Leung Ting -> Tam Yiu Ming -> Roberto Plati -> Petar Petrov

4) Yip Man -> Wong Shun Leung -> Philipp Bayer -> Krasimir Koev -> Petar Petrov