Return Of The Classical Warriors


Written By William Rivera Kyoshi

Edited By Lydia Alicea


Grand Master Halbert Lee’s Return Of The Classical Warriors on April 15th, 2012 took place at The Children’s Aid Society, Dunlevy Milbank Center, on 14-32 West 118th Street in Manhattan, New York.


Sijo Halbert Lee did everything to make sure this tournament was professionally run, and organized making the event just what we all expect it to be a Classic.


With both Master Dave Moradi, Director of the All American Karate Championships, and Master Benjamin Paris lending a hand, the tournament ended on time for people to get home to Dinner, or attend another spectacular event at Marcus Garvey Memorial Park; Stop The Conflict.


The Martial Artists in attendance included: Wildcat Molina, Phillip Mcrae, James Zeno, Alfred Hinds, Walter Thomas, Jackie Drayton, Roger Clark, Will Allen, Dave Thomas, Franklin Puello, Reno Morales, Errol Bennet, Gerard Harris, Sifu Christopher Lee, Mahaliel Bethea (Professor Mo) and many others, who make this tournament a success.


Watching Franklin Puello referee, Phillip Mcrae judge, Dave Thomas coach, and Will Allen compete was an iota of all that is good in the martial arts. Plan ahead, Grand Master Halbert Lee presents Return Of The Classical Warriors on Saturday, April 13, 2013.