“Stop the Conflict- a Martial Arts Family Day”

Written By William Rivera Kyoshi
Edited By Lydia Alicea

On April 15, 2012, Kuroshi Kai Kan held the first, “Stop the Conflict, a Martial Arts Family Day,” at the Marcus Garvey Park in Harlem, New York.


It was organized to promote unity and awareness, amongst martial artists, families, friends and the community, in the fight to end the conflict in our homes, on our streets and in our lives. It was a vision of Soke Haisan Kaleak, to create a focal point, that could bring martial artists together, and in one voice, that can speak out against the violence that consumes us all, a wake up call to take responsibility and take action, today.


I arrived at the event in the late afternoon, along with our co-writer Lydia Alicea; immediately disappointed, for not having arrived earlier. On stage were Haisan Kaleak and his students performing a demonstration of self-defense techniques. It was economy of motion, which continued with other demonstrations that exhibited the fluidity, and power inherent in the martial arts.


Goju, Ju-Jitsu, Tai Chi, Aikijujitsu, Ninjitsu, Jujitsu, were all there and more. Franklin Puello, Khaleeq Lewis, Mu’Allim Najee Hassan, Will Allen, Jason Bukai Banks, Peter Flores Sr., Farouk Gibbs, Derrick Williams, Kelly Rice, Reggie McGee, Moe Namsaran, Linda Ramzy, and Cheryl Powell (daughter of the Great Moses Powell) were just a small example of the support gathered at this event.


Stop the Conflict, a Martial Arts Family Day, was a wake up call where Haisan Kaleak not only knocked on doors, he blew them wide open. It highlighted what is right in the martial arts, while emphasizing the need to support one another as artists, as family members and as community stakeholders.


Yet, as Soke Haisan Kaleak, drives home the message of the event over and over again, that door was not meant to be entered through once, it must be visited again and again, and the following events will be bigger, and stronger. And the price of admission? It is your talent, time, your compassion that will benefit all.


The message of “Stop the Conflict, a Martial Arts Family Day,” resounded throughout Harlem that day, “One Code, One Family.


Unified in the fight to end conflict in our homes, in our communities, and in our lives.