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Welcome to, The subject of this interview is an Actor and Martial Artist who has performed on the silver screen as well as theatrical plays. I want to introduce you to Taimak Guarriello. Taimak is a person who is knowledgeable in the art that he practices. He is genuinely friendly and compassionate to everyone he meets. He has an authentic enthusiasm for helping others in need and yes folks, he is the star of "Berry Gordy's The Last Dragon" which to this day is still watched and enjoyed by many. There are people in the public eye who turn on the charm for the sake of the camera but from speaking to Taimak and knowing his background, you get the sense that he is honest and direct. He can speak on a multitude of subjects with confidence and plainly states what is on his mind with no pretense. During our research for this interview we spoke to many who have known or currently know Him. The overall consensus was that he is hard working and seeks to improve himself constantly while helping others to do the same. That in itself makes for a caring and compassionate human being. Taimak holds a high rank in Karate and is a fitness expert as well. He has helped thousands to get in great physical condition with his fitness DVD's. We here at feel fortunate that we could get this interview on such a short notice.



Martialforce: Can you tell our readers where are you originally from?

Taimak: I am originally from New York City, my parents are from there. My Mother from Harlem and father from Italian Spanish Harlem.

Martialforce: When did you begin your Martial Arts instruction and with whom did you study?

Taimak: My father's best friend at the time was Master Gerald Orange (Student of Peter Urban). He was teaching me, my brother and my father when I was 6 years old.

Martialforce: Who was your biggest influence in life and or Martial Arts?


Taimak: In Life, my Mother and Father and in martial arts, Bruce Lee.

Martialforce: What are some of the changes if any that you have seen in the Martial Arts since you began?


Taimak: I haven't been on the martial arts circuit that much I can't really say. I'm happy because it seems that martial arts has become as popular as dance, boxing and other disciplines. I do think the zen and other philosophical disciplines were practiced more. I believe it was an integral part of training in the 1970's. The focus was on a gentle spirit and a courageous heart.



Martialforce: How did you feel being chosen as the lead in the Last Dragon and was it a lengthy process?

Taimak: Yes, I had to go through a number of auditions, I did horrible at the first one because they gave me a cold reading and I didn't know anything about acting technique. I froze up and was stiff, but I practiced with a part of the script, went back and got the role.



Martialforce: What are some of your favorite films and or actors?


Taimak: Gary Oldman, Humphrey Bogart "Casablanca" "Lawrence of Arabia" "Clockwork Orange" "Apocalypto" Dinero in "Raging bull", Marlon Brando, Bruce Lee Jeremy Irons, Kate Blanchett , Juliet Binoche and so many more...

Martialforce: It’s obvious that your in top physical condition, do you still train in Martial Arts or is it more of a cross training routine regarding weights etc?


Taimak: I train by sparring, running, and much more. I don't have to train as long as I used to, just intense. The products I use help my alot with my health, strength and conditioning. The Protein Extreme and the GSHIgnite, their sold on my site in the products page.

Martialforce: Our research shows you competed in the East Coast tournament circuit, which is very tough. My question is, did you enjoy competing or was it just part of your Dojo (Karate School) routine?

Taimak: I Loved it! yes I didn't have much of a choice, you had to be tough if you lived in New York City back then cause of the high rate of for me it was necessary to learn how to protect yourself. Even though I did well in point fighting (Sport Karate), I didn't find it realistic and I lost some matches to people that hit me with strikes I never felt at all. I began kickboxing (full Contact Fighting) and won the New York State kickboxing title.

Martialforce: Is Martial Arts something you want to continue in film or are you pursuing roles without its use?

Taimak: I'm an actor, actors that are trained and can do dramatic roles as well as martial arts roles. Alot of the theater I've done didn't require any martial arts.

The play I'm doing now "Last Life" has both high levels of acting ability and high levels of martial arts ability. I enjoy doing both.

Martialforce: You recently received the Masters Hall of Fame award. How do you feel about such a significant achievement?

Taimak: I was happy to be acknowledged by my peers and happy to be a part of it. It was a joy to be with everyone.



 Masters Hall Of Fame Awards in August of 2009 in California.


Martialforce: Do you have any advice for your fans regarding healthy living?

Taimak: Buy my fitness DVD and the health products Protein Extreme, GSHIgnite, Adrenal Reboot, and Maxodin.

Martialforce: Are you involved in any projects that you can tell our readers about?

Taimak: "Last Life" here in New York:


Director Timothy Haskell and Taimak  and a surprise for next year.

Taimak: I also have a not for profit organization and am delivering my seminar to 1,000 kids this month. "Taimak's Unfolding Dream Inc." "Making the Invisible Dream Visible".

Thank you Sir!


Martialforce: It sounds like your busy and we wish you much success in all your future endeavors. to all readers we highly recommend the play “Last Life” and you can find Taimaks products at:

You can also visit Taimak on http://www.facebook/taimak