Malanoski interview Continuation


What is your word on children training and the awarding of black belts?


“The rule of thumb on promotion to black belt is 16 years of age. In reality, you look at the total student. What they have accomplished, their knowledge and how they have trained is what dictates the rule, and everyone is different.”


USA Goju Kata performance, what should it be


An urban quote “Kata is Motion + Emotion”. “Movements in kata are done in coordination with your heartbeat and breathing. Your body is behind every move and there is a flow throughout the kata (Urban Fluidity).”


What are your thoughts on self-defense and the Martial Arts?


“Self-defense is about spontaneous thinking (if you need time to think it is too late) and attitude. It is not only an education in the physical and mental aspects of combat; it is also a psychological education. It can be simple as a palm heel to the face, a yell causing your assailant to run, or clandestine techniques (example, a hidden key ring to the face).”


What is an instructor to you?


“Goju people are students of the shepherd not sheep school. Maestro Urban has said that and I believe it. You lead as an example; you take responsibility for what you teach and how you teach it. What you know, what you do, and what you pass on is what makes you an instructor.”


Goju Jitsu & Malanoski. (From the website:


Goju Jitsu is a systematic way of teaching that joins the traditional arts of Urban Goju Ryu Karate, Shobudo Ryu Ju Jitsu and Kobudo, so that rather than separate entities, can be appreciated as one complete curriculum of study.

Goju Jitsu teaches traditional martial arts with a modern accent.

The classical makeup of the styles have not been edited or deleted.

They have been blended in a natural complimenting format.


In closing, I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to Steven Malanoski Hanshi for his time and availability in helping us write this article/interview. There is so much more that we discussed, so many questions answered that we could really make into a book about his life and the martial arts. He has never professed the heir to the USA Goju system. In fact, to him there will never be anyone quite like Peter Urban. His loyalty and love for Master Urban is beyond question as well as his respect and regards for his Sempai and the martial artists he has encountered.




Steven Malanoski currently resides in North Fort Meyers, Florida. For additional information regarding his dojo, “The Ironhands Goju Fight School”, please log onto his website: or e-mail him at,





Steve Malonoski:

'Old-school karateka with excellent kata and Japanese sword skills! A walking encyclopedia with an impressive collection of martial arts books, pictures and videos.'

Glenn Perry, Hanshi
9th dan, Goshin Goju Ryu


Steve Malanoski:

A young master who has his whole life to develop his art.

An up and coming Grandmaster.

Good people.

Wilfredo Roldan, Hanshi

Nisei Goju Ryu


Steve Malanoski:

A superior athlete, his loyalty and respect for is his instructor is admirable.

Kow Loon (Kayo) Ong

Chairman Chi-I Do Goju Ryu



Edited by: Lydia Alicea