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The Masters Hall of Fame partners with Leading Martial Arts Organizations to Recognize Excellence in the Martial Arts. Over the last nine years the Masters Hall of Fame has become a leader in the Martial Arts Community by Recognizing Excellence in the Martial Arts. In a continuing effort to Create Excellence in the Martial Arts Community, the Masters Hall of Fame has partnering with other professional martial arts associations that share a common interest of Developing Excellence in the Martial Arts.  

To that end, the Masters Organization developed the Academy of Masters as a personal and professional development support network for Martial Artist that directly supports the Masters Hall of Fame events.

Becoming part of a prestigious network of Martial Arts Associations across the United States, Canada, Japan and Europe is extremely beneficial to Martial Artist that are looking to develop in the Martial Way, said Hanshi Daniel Hect, CEO of the Masters Hall of Fame and the Academy of Masters during a session with the Masters Hall of Fame Board Members.

One of the benefits to being a member of the Academy of Masters include the ability to submit scholarly and creative work to the Academy of Masters for publication in our newly developed online Magazine and Journal for publication, another benefit is our annual Scholarship the is designed to help our youth to develop their leadership abilities added Soke David Dye, Senior Vice President Masters Hall of Fame

Founded in 1999, the Masters Hall of Fame represents a broad selection of Martial Arts Leaders, from small martial arts schools committed developing excellence in their students to large Martial Arts Organizations that plan, promote and develop the Martial Arts Community. 

The cross section of professionals that are apart of the Masters Hall of Fame Alumnus is one of our greatest strengths as an organization.  They all have one thing in common; the lessons that made them successful in the Martial Arts contributed to their success all aspects of their lives. Said Shihan Gregg Wooldridge, Masters Hall of Fame Director of Public Relations. 

The purposes of the Masters Organization include:


Masters Hall of Fame affiliates include the Academy of Masters; a Masters Organization, World Professional Black Belt Martial Arts Organization, Founded by Olohe Solomon Kaihewalu, Traditional Karate Organization, Founded by the late Hanshi Otto Johnson, The United States Council of Martial Arts Standards, Directed by Shihan Craig Carter, and Shuyokan Federation, Founded by Soke David Dye. 

For More information of becoming an Academy of Masters Member or information on the Masters Hall of Fame contact Daniel Hect at 951-538-9357 or email or go to the website at


Daniel Hect
Masters Hall of Fame