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Webmaster Shuseki Shihan Eddie Morales , Kyoshi

President /C.E.O. Inner peace Multi Media Productions And Editor and

Chief of Martialforce.com


His family came to New York City in the 1950's from Puerto Rico.   

Born  in New York City, and grew up in Williamsburg Brooklyn

on Grattan Street before moving to Park Slope at the age of 13

,his martial arts training began   just one block from where he lived

on Grattan Street. Little did he know that it would be a Life long ride of ,

 blood, sweat and tears.

In the mid sixties, paying only five dollars a month, Eddie Morales started

 his formal training in a once unknown art called Jiujitsu . It was there that

 he learned the basics of falling, throws, and takedowns. As years passed

 by he would study various disciplines always on a quest for knowledge.

In 1974 he attained the rank of Shodan (first-degree black belt) in an art

that was an off-shoot of the  Kenpo system. In 1976 he came across a place

 called the ASPIRA youth center where he discovered a system called Gojuryu

and met the one man that would change the way he practiced the martial arts.

This man was "Sensei  Doel Rivera" Sensei Rivera taught me the direct relationship

 between kata , basics and fighting, he taught me to break down the kata and

showed me how all the techniques are used in realtime.Not just to practice

blindly and assume that it all works. His way was a no nonsense approach

that I rarely see these days and I have been practicing since.

Our training consisted of heavy basics, Kata,And Fighting.

I remember we would go from dojo to dojo just for the fighting.

In the 1970's in New York if you did not have strong basics you had

no business fighting, because every dojo trained in strong basics.  If I had not met

Sensei Rivera ,my martial arts practices probably would have ceased or

went in a different direction since I  had so many other distractions.

In this dojo I practiced and learned with William Rivera,

The late George ( Tornado ) Lopez, Nelson Melendez

And the head instructor Sensei Doel Rivera.

Sensei Rivera and I still stay in contact till this day. I thank you Sensei Rivera !


My good friend and current Japanese Gojuryu instructor since the 1970's

is Shihan George Bradley,HANSHI. , with Mr. Bradley I continued to

advance in rank and technique throughout the years.

Shihan Bradley impressed me because he was a heavy weight that moved

with the speed and technique of a lightweight and backed it up with

heavyweight power. The Honbu is located in  Allentown Pennsylvania

where Shihan Bradley still teaches, and is producing strong fighters and

Gojuryu karate practitioners.



I also studied with the late Kyoshi Victor Vega U.S.A. Gojuryu and

Kobudo ( weaponry ) He owned and operated the " TIGER DOJO " and

produced some of the best fighters at that time ,I enjoyed being a part of

the "TIGER DOJO" ,the training was hardcore and the fighting was all-out

to the knockdown.

Another instructor that gave me good advice on Technique and fighting is

Jose Jordan Sensei. I would practice with him at lightning Dojo on

Fort Hamilton Parkway in Brooklyn New York. It was a place where different

 martial artist would get together and exchange ideas and technique.

I also earned my  black belt in Kobudo under Kyoshi Anthony Marquez

( Matayoshi Weapons ).


Mr. Morales holds ranks in USA goju, Japanese Goju, Okinawan Kobudo, Chinese kenpo, and has studied Shotokan, boxing, and, various Chinese systems.       

Black Belt Karate Rank Achievements:



Present Activities :

Founder of the Divine Strength Academy of Martial Science.

Founder of the Shuryoku-Kai-Kan Karate

Author of Defensive Tactics Manuals and video's.

Defensive Tactics / Use of Force Instructor for Police and Sheriffs Departments in Southern California.              

President and C.E.O. of Inner peace multi media productions.                                     

President and C.E.O.of  Martialforce.com   Online Magazine                                                    

7th Dan Japanese Gojuryu Karate ( Kyoshi ) Level , under the instruction of  Saiko Shihan  George Bradley. 


Mr. Morales presently has over 40 years of experience in martial arts, and his passion

for the martial arts grows stronger everyday, as does his quest for knowledge.

He is a combat and Fighting Technician ,Personal trainer,Coach,and believes

firmly in basics and kata training.


  Meaning of Titles

Shuseki Shihan ( Chief Master instructor ) or ( Highest Master ).

Shuseki Shihan is the same as "Kyoshi" level

Shihan ( Master Instructor ).

Saiko Shihan ( Senior Master Instructor ) .

Kancho ( Head of Organization).                             

Soke ( Founder of way or System or Style).

Kyoshi ( wizard ).

Sensei ( Teacher ).

Sempai ( Senior Student).


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