The 6th Annual New York State Martial Arts Championships (NYSMAC) took place on Sunday October 15, 2006 at the SUNY campus in Farmingdale, New York. Its promoters, Richard Fescina and Nicholas Bruno, coordinator, Don Rodrigues, and their entire staff, organized and hosted yet another outstanding and successful event, as evidenced by the excitement and awesome talent in attendance.



This tournament had those all important elements, respect, courtesy and style. When speaking of style I am referring to the distinctive feature of combining execution and expression, characteristic of what the martial arts has to offer.



A Glimpse:

“She turned the grab into a wristlock pulling the attacker into a sidekick, then reverse punch combination. Turning her head to the rear she sprang into a cartwheel executing a jumping inner crescent lick, and landing in a horse stance, executing a double hand block and Kiai (shout).”


“Lifting the left leg he turned to the front, stepping into a left three point stance, dropping a back fist. Then, raising his left hand to shoulder height he opened his fist and executed a right crescent kick into the left palm, stepping back into a left forward stance with a right lower punch and a Kiai (shout).”


These descriptions exemplified what we as spectators and participants look forward to when attending: seeing the stuff that great tournament competition is made of.


The young and the old, giving their all, putting it out there, from the first to the last event with intensity and focus. With over 200 divisions and about 700 competitors, the NYSMAC was host to a vast array of talented martial artists.


Like a “Needle and Thread”, that go hand in hand, the NYSMAC coupled great organization and outstanding competition. In attendance were Masters such as Sabu Lewis and Alan Goldberg, publisher of Action Martial Arts Magazine. Referees included such notables as Lee Ireland Shihan and Sifu Russell Correia.



Some of the best teams and dojo (schools) were in attendance and included:

The Arango Karate Team, Team Busto, Team GKS, Team Rodrigues, Team Straight Up, Juku Kan Kyokushinkai Karate/IKO Tezuka Group, Rhodes Kajukenbo, The Seigi Dai Dojo, to name a few.



Let me name just a few of the competitors that I had the honor to watch:

Jennifer Barbaro (Estrada Tae Kwon Do/Haidong Gumdo Academy), Jennie Louie (Chinese-American Goju), Maggie Messina (TaeCole Martial Arts and Fitness), Wanda Dávila (Griffin's Judo & Karate Studios), Joseph Villapaz (Ying Jow Pai), John Perrier (Goldberg Karate Studio), Samantha Smith and Frank Klein (Busto's Karate & Fitness).


Regardless of where they came from, their participation (parents, friends, siblings, masters, students and yes “everyone” in the New York State Martial Arts Championships made it a memorable event which all can look forward to in 2007 and in years to come.


A special thanks to Michael Baez, Kempo Black Belt, proud Marine forever, and one of the many officials that made this tournament an enjoyable experience.


Thank you Professor Richard Fescina and Nicholas Bruno Shihan for a job well done and certainly to Grandmaster Don Rodrigues who again showed why he is considered one of the best coordinators.



As a final note:  Master William Louie inspires it, Master Lee Ireland promotes it, and competitors Wanda Dávila and Samantha Smith demonstrated it:   Respect, courtesy, discipline, character and a style built on a solid foundation of Strong basics.   The attributes displayed by the Martial Artists who attended The 6th Annual New York State Martial Arts Championships.







                                              This Picture of Elias Bonaros Sensei

                                                  was taken by Barbara Rzeszutek


                                          by Barbara Rzeszutek

                                          Elias Bonaros Sensei-   click on image



                                                Lydia and Master Sabu Lewis