Rachel Rivera Sensei hosted two events this year, the 3rd and 4th United Martial Arts Academy Shiai. One took place at the Julio De Burgos Cultural Center on Lexington Ave. on June 5 the other at The Union Settlement on East 104 St. in New York City.

on October 23, 2005.
Sensei Rivera is an untiring warrior, who with tremendous effort pulls together these tournaments several times a year. Sensei Rivera is driven by her compassion and the deep devotion she has for her students and to the community she so dearly and proudly represents. She deserves a gold medal each time.
Across the East River, another silent warrior is doing it for his community. Orlando Cabrera Sensei hosted on November 13, 2005 the 4th Jr. Yoshido Shiai in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York.
Sensei Cabrera is an inspirational instructor who has had a positive effect on the lives of his students their parents, and the communities in which he teaches. The Jr. Yoshido Shiai has become a classic in the martial arts community
The Shiai mentioned above are by all accounts, quintessential “Inner City” Martial Arts, again pulling together and supporting each other’s dojo. In attendance were martial artists of all ages representing local dojos which included, United Martial Arts Academy (Rachel ”Rocky” Rivera Sensei), Seigi-Dai Dojo (John Benedict Sensei), Ying Yee Kwoon (Sifu Pedro Burgos), Power of Self Goju Karate (Dave Thomas Shihan), and, the various Yoshido Goju Ryu and Rullan Goju Ryu Dojo to name just some.
Many students, young and old, parents, family members, neighbors and friends attended the Shiai’s. These events are eagerly anticipated and their show of support is certainly demonstrated by the attendance and the excitement created.
Shiai can be translated to mean, “To test each other” and are competitions that have a fundamental principle, Mutual Respect. Though students and supporters were definitely here to compete and win, the overwhelming “feel” was one of camaraderie and of belonging to something truly special. Perhaps, amongst the younger students a bit less since for many, this was their first true moment in competition, but with the older students and their supporters in the audience, you could not shake that sense of something shared and appreciated. Their karate is indeed a valuable bond. They are not just competitors; they are peers, and that is a very valuable lesson.
You can say that it is martial arts “bonding” at its best perhaps on a personal level. It is also a unifying component, a “glue”, we as martial artists can use to maintain our perspective of what is important to us about the martial arts we love.
These events are a success because they provide support and unity to all the martial artists present and to the art, they have chosen.
We look forward to the next Shiai, and thank Rivera Sensei and Cabrera Sensei for extending their invitations and most gracious hosting. Osu.
Oh, did I not mention the bonus to this event? In attendance, judging and refereeing as well, were masters who are living legends
Many martial artists support, as some would say, neighborhood tournaments. Let me mention three in particular:
Dave Thomas Shihan of Power of Self Goju Karate along with Karen Rice Sensei representatives of Harlem Goju are the epitome of what is great in the martial arts.
Grand Master Ron Van Clief has to be mentioned. An icon in the martial arts he attends these events, without fanfare, camera in hand. His passion for the arts is felt, and his support is admirable.
Let me just mention this story. G.M Ron Van Clief was honored at a recent Gala without much sleep the next day; he sees a group of us sitting in a coffee shop during a break at the 3rd UMAA Shiai. He comes in says hello, has a quick chat and heads to the Shiai. With a schedule that includes filming a series, teaching, stunt work and a soon to be parent (his wife is expecting their first child in early march, 2006) he takes the time to show his support. Ron Van Clief shows his passion for the martial arts community through his actions, that is hard-core and from the heart, Thank-you.
Grand Master Anthony Lau and Master Archie Rullan have attended all four shiai. They hosted for years the Ying-Yee tournaments (Wow). The core off Yudansha who helped establish these tournaments, the Cabrera brothers, Alfred Hinds, Aida Sensei (nice to see you after so many years) Nelson Melendez, John Benedict and others are planning an event for 2006. It is going to be great, so stay tuned for more news.
Steven Malanoski Hanshi hosted the “Warrior’s Challenge” in Florida on May 5, 2005. This event has been running for twelve years. The ‘Warrior’s Challenge” is one of the most popular tournaments in Florida. In attendance are the “Who’s Who” of Florida instructors, dojo and attracts competitors from New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico and a multitude of styles including Tae Kwon Do, Goju-Ryu, Isshin-Ryu, Ueichi Ryu, Kenpo, and Fu Jow Pai Kung Fu.
Martial artist plan their vacations to attend this tournament and Karateka such as kick boxing champion and promoter Jonas Nunez fly in after throwing an event in Puerto Rico to compete. To see a write up on this tournament go to  and get a feel for a tournament that Malanoski Hanshi will be hosting in 2006. Congratulations to Jonas Nunez Shihan the Grand Champion at this event and Keith Lengyel on your promotion to Yondan, Renshi.
The Twin Towers Classic International Karate Championships hosted by Lee Ireland and Geoffrey Canada on August 27,2005 continues to be terrific. Professional and organized are just to words you can use to describe this event. Let me make this short and sweet. The Twin Towers is a class event from the place, the Jacob Javitts Center to the professionals who work the event. Ingrid and Glenn Martin are exemplarily in their co-ordination of the tournament and the added bonus was Mike Conroy who hosts the Connecticut Challenge. Mike as Chief arbitrator is the icing on this event that with international, national and local talent competing is one of the most prestigious on the tournament circuit.
The XIII Copa Franklin Reumelle was celebrated on May 22, 2005 in the Roger Mendoza Coliseum, in Caguas, Puerto Rico. Hosted by Raymond Correa Shihan
(Founder and publisher of “Artes Marciales en Accion”) the event continues to highlight that Puerto Rico is a gem in the world of the Martial Arts. The tournament was dedicated to Grand Master Gilberto Rodriguez founder of Garyu Rico Do. GM Rodriguez contributions to the martial arts in Puerto Rico are legendary. This event is truly a success and if you are planning a vacation take note: The XIV Copa Franklin Reumelle will be held on May 21, 2006 at the new Roger Mendoza Coliseum in the city of Caguas, Puerto Rico.
Professor Pierre Rene 10th dan and founder of Chinese Sho-To- Kan continues to add to a legacy that has cemented him as one of the Greats in the martial arts. Professor Rene promoted various events this year, all of benefit to not only the local community in Florida but also to the Martial Arts World. His promotion of The World Open Karate Championships on February 20, 2005 in the Orlando Recreation Center was a success bringing both local and international support.
“Advertised on the local radio station STAR 94.5WCFB, the event gave a round trip to Las Vegas plus $500.00 in cash to the winner of the Grand Championship which was donated by Reverend Kenneth Thompson and his wife Voncille of what is called Von’s Foundation. Pre tournament music was provided by N.E.B. Entertainment featuring T. Rexz and the Lovely Meleena “Mimi.”“  (Steven Malanoski”
Creator, producer and host of Masters of the Martial Arts TV Show, Shidoshi Pierre T. Rene is definitely hard-core and a leader in the Martial Arts.
Carlos Velez much anticipated book “Budo Gukui” (best kept secrets of the martial arts) is due out February of 2006. A compilation of past interviews written by Mr. Velez it will definitely be a collectors’ edition. Carlos also is the first card of “Tarjetas de Collecion Artes Marciales”. Created by Tony Rosa Shihan the card collection will feature Latino (as) of the Martial Arts. Rosa Shihan is also hosting the “Memorial Day Karate Open” in Miami, Florida on May 26-27-28th, 2006.
Master Alan Goldberg founder and publisher of Action Martial Arts Magazine is bringing us again what is considered the most prestigious event in the Martial Arts. The Mega Martial Arts Weekend will be held will be held onJanuary 6, 7, 8, 2006 in the Tropicana Casino & Resort, Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Master Maurice Elmalem genaral manager and chief editor of “Budo International” Magazine again distinguishes himself wih his book “Will Power”. A best seller it is definetly a must add to a Martial arts library.


Kow Loon (Kayo) Ong, Chairman of Chi-I-Do and his wife Lai continue to show that a curriculum based on Traditional Karate can be a success as part of NYC’s after school program.
This is but a glimpse and does not present an iota of what transpired this year. Noticias is about the martial arts its’ passion, inspiration yes that is hard-core and coupled with the sweat, hours of training and teaching it is the Martial Arts.
This has to end, and 2006 will be a new beginning. Leading into the new era, if you do not know them you will, and if you do you will know more.
David Washington, Ben Otake, Terry Hotchkin, Jeff Ibrao, Tom Serrano, Rachel Rivera, Jose Jordan, Stephen Quadros, Marc MacYoung, Benny Urquidez, Dave Thomas, Harry Cook, Steve Malanoski, Wilfredo Roldan, Kevin Thompson, Jonas Nunez, Jenna Friedman, Errol Bennett, Pedro Burgos, John Benedict, Orlando Cabrera, Francisco Cabrera, Alfred Hinds, Alan Goldberg, Wildcat Molina, Karen Rice, William Louie, Jennie Louie, Sanzinsoo, Jose Maldonado, Paula Verdino, Christopher Chin, Allan Burrese, Danny Young, Bob Orlando, Raymond Correa, Paul Irrizary, Pierre Rene, James Price, David Cox, Louis Morales, Pete Siringano, Freddie Lopez, Tommy May, Charles Bingham, Josephine Maisonet, Aida, The Family: Kayo, Lai, Pearl, Max, yes I can go on but hey, you know who you are and you all have something in common:
You inspire and lead.
As a Closing Note To start The Noticias for 2006 Wilfredo Roldan, “The Velvet Voice” will be performing at the Hilton in NYC on January 13, yes Martial Artist are multi-faceted.
From The Heart, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.



Professor Pierre Rene’s World Open Karate Championships
in Orlando, Florida
Thank-you James Price Kyoshi, for the pictures.
Thank-you Steven Malanoski for the feedback





























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