A Sign of Things to Come


Thank you and Happy Holidays,
It has been awhile since our last issue. We have been quite busy working on upcoming articles, which we know you, our readership, will find informative. is ready to witness and actively be part of what is not so much a rebirth, but rather a return to the magic and excitement that is the Martial Arts.
To many the martial arts are about school, work, relationships, it is about life.
It is a passion for the art., and it is hard-core from the heart.
It has already begun. The martial arts have entered a new era and it is exciting. This evolution is on a worldwide scale where the advancement of the martial arts is taking precedence to the politics and hidden agendas that has dominated the martial arts for so long.
“Martialforce – Noticias” is a new component added to the magazine. Its purpose will be to highlight tournaments, seminars, upcoming events, as well as, released books and videos. Coverage will include the East Coast and islands of the Caribbean.
MARTIALFORCE.COM believes that, just as important in highlighting the largely recognized events and tournaments, are the small neighborhood shiai taking place quietly and too often without much publicity.  . 
Our urban dojos were the starting points of many of our accomplished and highly recognized martial artists. Throughout our country, in our cities and towns, we have tremendous and abundant talent. In our backyard, we are witnessing resurgence within the arena of urban martial arts, it is exciting and worthy of much needed attention.
As we leave the year 2005 and enter 2006 we leave you this thought.
The Martial Arts community is Harry Cook, Kayo, Dave Thomas, Steve Malanoski, Kevin Thompson, Lisa Melendez, William Louie, Carlos Velez, Benny Urquidez, Ben Otake and yes Yvonne Lopez, Dorothy Cooper, Virginia Perez, Pierre Renee, Ron Van Clief, Tom Serrano, Chuck Norris, David Washington, Pedro Burgos, Steven Quadros, Paula Verdino, Diana Binet, Glenn Perry, Pearl (we can go on, but we will stop here) the children in our community and their parents.
It is all of us, and the future of the Martial Arts is in our hands.
All of us at wish everyone,