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Picking the right Film



 Things you need to know about film


The film speed (ASA Rating ) on the box or can of film is your guide to taking

great pictures.   Film speed is set up to help you shoot in all lighting conditions.

The higher the speed the less light you need. This is not to say that you do not need

 light when you shoot.  The higher the film speed is the larger the grain pattern may be.    The grain is made up of small dots that make up the picture quality.  So the higher the number, the larger the grain (dots). A film speed of 100 is very good for shooting in bright sunlight, and will have a very fine grain. This is good for shooting up close with good lighting.  200 & 400 speed film will have a larger grain, but you can use this in lower light conditions as well as action photography.

The 800 speed film has much larger grain, and you will see the grain in your pictures.

This is not always a bad thing, grain will add a different feel to your photos, and you can be able to take pictures in some low light conditions.  When shooting inside try to use a flash for lighting.  KODAK film is balanced for a good skin tone and natural colors that will make your photos look good.


This is a Guide of film speed and grain:


 A film speed of:                          100                   200              400                  800


Grain at these speeds                                ..                                                    



By Ronald K.Hinckley

Martial Arts Photographer



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