Action Photography      


                   # 5                   

                          THE PHOTOGRAPH                     

                        By Ron Hinckley                       

                   Photography or Point and shoot:                


  Digital Cameras and SLR (Single Lens Reflex Cameras)


 Digital Cameras


   Digital cameras are the new way to take a photograph, but is it the best for the shot?

    Letís start with digital; the colors will be darker and the whites will be lighter.

    Backgrounds will look closer then they are. If you are going to upload your shots

    to a web site or your computer, digital is sometimes the best way to go, and if you

    have editing software you can change the look of the shot.

    You can change the color, lighten or darken the shots and crop to fit your needs.

    Most digital cameras do not have glass lenses, they are often plastic.

    Glass lenses are much better. With digital you can see the shot now, well, a small

    Image of it.


SLR Cameras cameras with Glass lens 


    Cameras using color film, the old way to take a photograph, but is it the best for your shots?

    Shooting with a SLR will give you true colors and better density. You will have more control

    over the shot and how it looks. But using color film will make it harder to put the shots on your

    web site or computer. You will have to scan the color prints first, and change then to JPEG 

    Images. Using a SLR gives you all the control over the shot and will let you make the shot look

    different. As you know Color Film will give you prints. Color film can make larger prints with less

    work on your part.


 See Action Photography # 6 for depth of field

               Depth of Field:

             (  How much is in focus in front and in back of the subject you are shooting.)


 What do you want in a shot?

     Taking the time to create the shot is what will make all the difference in your photography.

     Also a clean lens and soft touch on the camera button will keep the shot sharp.


Ronald K.Hinckley

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