By Ron Hinckley

Online Martial arts Magazine


                         Action Photography         # 2


                                            STOP ACTION PHOTOS


  Peek Action photography:


   When you are trying to photograph a punch or kick timing is every thing.

   Your need to catch the punch or kick on impacted, Not to soon or to late.


  Ok how do you do that ! 


  There are sign that tell you when some one is going to move. Look at the upper body

  in the viewfinder, it will tell you allot. If you are in the martial arts then  timing is part of you,

  feel the punch or kick movement. Follow the fighter with the camera, moving the camera

  right to left or left to right. (this is called panning) This will keep the fighter sharp  in  frame

  and the background will have motion. This motion will make the fighter standout in the shot

  and the background will have movement. This movement will ad to the action look of the

  photo. You will also need to set the camera at a higher speed 125 or higher.

  The higher speed will stop and action of the fighter.


 High-speed film will not do this by it’s self. The speed of the film just controls the amount

 of light the film needs to take the photo.

 When you are shooting action, take two or three shots of each set up.This will help you catch

 the best action shot.


 How to handle the camera when shooting:


  When snapping the picture press down on the shutter button softly,

  do not stab at the button. This will ad movement to the camera, and this

  will soften the image. “Two hands and a soft touch works every time”.

  Check and clean your lens. If your lens is dirty it will soften the image.

  Hold your camera steady


Ronald K.Hinckley

Action and Martial Arts Photographer


 Aug. 2003