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    Hanshi  Eddie Morales was inducted in the MASTERS HALL OF FAME on August 11,2007




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I also studied with Grand Master Aaron Banks and his Chief insructor at the time Master George Bradley. I continued with Master George Bradley to this day and moved on from the New York Karate Academy back in the late 1970's. I moved on from the Dojo, not from Grand Master Banks. I am still affiliated with Grand Master Banks. I also studied  with the late Kyoshi Victor Vega U.S.A. Gojuryu and Kobudo. He owned and operated the " TIGER DOJO " and produced some of the best fighters at that time ,I enjoyed being a part of the "TIGER DOJO" ,the training was hardcore and the fighting was all-out to the knockdown or knock out.


Another instructor that gave me good advice on Technique and fighting is


Jose Jordan Sensei of the Tongs Dojo (George Cofield Shotokan System) and Thomas La Puppet. I would practice with him at lightning Dojo on


Fort Hamilton Parkway in Brooklyn New York owned by Ron Hinckley. It was a place where different


martial artist would get together and exchange ideas and technique.


I also earned my  black belt in Kobudo under Kyoshi Anthony Marquez


( Matayoshi Weapons ).



  Present Activities :

Founder of the Divine Strength Academy of Martial Science in New York City.


Founder of the Shuryoku-Kai-Kan Karate Organization..


Author of Defensive Tactics Manuals and video's.


Defensive Tactics / Use of Force Instructor for Police and Sheriffs Departments in Southern California.              


President and C.E.O. of Inner peace multi media productions.                                     


President, Founder and C.E.O.of  Martialforce.com   Online Magazine                                                    


7th Dan Japanese Gojuryu Karate ( Kyoshi ) Level , under the instruction of  Master George Bradley. 


Inducted into the martial arts MASTERS HALL OF FAME on August 11-2007


Promoted to 8th Dan  Black Belt and Title of Hanshi by Grand Master Aaron Banks and Master George on May - 05 - 2009.                                                                                                                                       


Mr. Morales presently has over 40 years of experience in martial arts, and his passion


for the martial arts grows stronger everyday, as does his quest for knowledge.


He is a combat and Fighting Technician , Personal trainer, Coach and believes


firmly in basics and kata training.



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 Hanshi Eddie Morales  Beth L. Mason and Ron Hinckley


  Hanshi Eddie Morales and Shihan Ron Hinckley




Following pictures are Allentown PA Seminar 2002 at the Honbu with Master  George Bradley.


Black Belt Students in attendance were:Shihan Joseph Craig, Shihan George Bonet, Sensei

 Federico Dijols, Sensei Kenny Hernandez - R.I.P, Sensei Michael Serrano, Sensei Greg Fedder

 and Assistant instructor at the Honbu Sensei Paul Lewis and black belt staff plus color belt

members. It was a great occasion and Promotion. Good Kata and Strong Fighting.





         Shihan Joseph Craig


Sensei Michael Jai White and Hanshi Eddie Morales


May 27th 1997 Hanshi Ed Morales, Sensei Michael Jai White, Martin Vargas




 1985 at the 47 Ann Street Dojo in Manhattan New York,

 Hanshi  Eddie Morales on left and Master George Bradley on right